Gina, Wow! You are amazing in your eye. It is loaded with happy emotions, as am I.

I never imagined it would be so perfect. Tiani is stunning! Thanks.


Mark said it brought tears to his eyes to see your masterpiece, Capolavoro. Another fan!


… She and Ethan can’t pass the painting without wanting to touch it. They, and we, love it! We hung it as soon as we got home and are still experimenting with different locations in the house. Truthfully, it looks good everywhere. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful representation of (our kids) and their soaring/happy spirits.


I love the piece – it’s wonderful … Thank you for this – I LOVE it!!!


…two artworks of Phoebe. They are both so her and so beautiful. Thank you.

…She was absolutely delighted and her mom, of course, was just blown away. It was truly a great gift. Thanks for making it happen.


Your talent has brought a cherished gift into our lives. Thank you very much!



The Art is in my possession right now. It’s a Happy Factory makes me feel good every time I see it!


Gina, you’ve really outdone yourself. The art makes my heart skip a beat. Thanks again.


I love the interaction between the artworks and how they also stand on their own. I love Katie’s delicacy and Sam’s “rough and tumble” spirit. We love the figure layout. Thanks for the update. We are really excited!



It IS the most beautiful mural ever, and I LOVE to show it off. We can’t thank you often enough! The print looks lovely in my office, Gina. Thank you, thank you!


Thank you very much – everyone loves the mural!

—PTO Board

…I will pass along to you that I have heard this week continuing compliments for your artwork in the library from parents I don’t even know…


Thank you for bringing such beauty to our home with your stunning art. You have truly captured the grace and essence of dance and of Mallory. We will treasure your work forever.

Gratefully, Laura & Rod