Belly Dance

Belly Dance

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Creating this abstract art of belly dancing was an exhilarating experience! My client wanted a joyful, imaginative piece made from his partner’s costume to celebrate her love and mastery of this exotic dance form. The movement of the scarf, bold colors and sparkling beads make for pure sensory delight.


“Gina, I picked up the Belly Dance picture you did for us. It is just WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. Anne just loves it! She said that is her favorite costume and scarf and it reminds her so much of dancing and it brings her right back to the stage.

Of course she thinks I was wonderful to get it, but you are the one who produced it, so thank you, thank you, thank you. Anne said that she always thought that when her career was over that all she would have was memories, but that is not true now. The dancing has come back to life through your art.

In gratitude, Seth.”