“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hafiz.

When making art, I physically sense the person I am casting. Instinct guides me as I quickly mold the fabric over their body while shaping its extended form. Painting the resulting sculpture enables me to enhance its illusion of energy and motion. Variation in lighting also transforms the art.

Figurative sculpture allows us to examine and contemplate the form and expression of another human being. Despite our varying appearances and mindsets, we all share the same basic feelings and needs. My hope is to awaken us to our common human spirit, and to foster connection through the medium of my transcendent, lifelike art.


After receiving my BFA from Colorado State University, under the tutelage of internationally renowned illustrators and poster designers, Phil Risbeck and John Sorbie, I worked in the creative services industry directing and collaborating with designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and production teams.

In 2003, I left the commercial realm to dedicate myself to creating fine art. My initial 2D and 3D mixed media portraiture led to innumerous private commissions from clients nationwide, and local charitable projects.

Recently, my curious and inventive nature led me to conceive and formulate my figurative sculptural art form. It is my first venture into creating art for public exhibition. My emerging work is exhibited at Colorado Ballet’s Armstrong Center for Dance. Upcoming shows are listed below.


Gina Klawitter (b. 1958, USA)


Colorado State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1980


2019 Art of the State 2019, Arvada Center Galleries, Arvada,

2018/2019   Ongoing Exhibit, The Armstrong Center for Dance, Denver

2019    Sponsored Exhibit at Park Meadows Mall, Centennial

2018   Special Event Exhibit, Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities


Max Gillies and Peter Trippie, Today’s Masters: Go Figure, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Nov/Dec 2018, p. 60


Featured Artwork: Gina Klawitter, Fine Art Today, September 30, October 31, August 31, 2018


April–June, 2019   Solo Exhibit, St. Julien Hotel & Spa Gallery, Boulder

May 15, 2019   Artist Talk and Tour for Denver Art Museum’s Patron Group, FOPAS

May 1–June 30, 2019   Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver, CO – painted prints of photographed Sculptural Paintings

July/August, 2019   TBA Special Event, Vail, CO

Summer 2019  Art of USO Paralympic Athletes, USO Visitors Center, Colorado Springs


National Sculpture Society

Women’s Caucus for Art