3D Murals

Click on the image for a larger view of this 25′ x 6′ mural.

Polaris at Ebert DPS’ GT Magnet School Library Mural

For years, the librarian had wanted to jazz up Polaris at Ebert’s library to make it inspirational and inviting. Beyond painting and decorating tables and chairs, she saw an opportunity to make a statement on a 25′ x 6′ blank wall above bookshelves in the central library room. My assignment was to create an engaging visual story about Polaris’s diverse community and devotion to creative learning through the arts.

Students eagerly helped me paint the life-size figures’ clothing on a floor outside the lunchroom. Students, parents and staff enjoyed watching me create the mural, asking a lot questions and making suggestions. (Hint: see the tie-dye t-shirt.)

The project was exhilarating. And I got a lot of exercise climbing and pushing 6 ft. scaffold back and forth across that wall! Next on my art bucket list is to create a Sculpture Painting mural.

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