I was born and raised at the outskirts of a small town in Iowa. For most of my adult life, I have lived and created in Denver, Colorado. Under the tutelage of internationally renowned poster designers Phil Risbeck and John Sorbie, I received my BFA in 1980, from Colorado State University with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Illustration. In 2003, I left my career in creative direction and art direction to become a full-time artist. My 3D Keepsake Art that incorporates clothing into figurative art led to innumerous private commissions and charitable work, which includes participation by Ellen DeGeneres, Josh Blue and John Elway. Recently, my curious and inventive nature led me to form fabric over live models, harden, then paint. The resulting artwork is very life-like, yet ambiguously captivating.


Artist Statement

Exploring our winding backyard creek and my grandparents’ grand little farm, my childhood was spent immersed in nature’s colors, textures, moods, and creatures – snakes, bugs, piglets and horses. When I wasn’t on an outside adventure, I was inside drawing or painting. I created constantly – a scene of horses running on pages across my entire bedroom, drawing through endlessly long church sermons, or sitting atop the entryway stairs with my mother sketching beside me.

Living close to nature, and to family members’ mental illnesses has made me very attuned to my surroundings and peoples’ feelings, mannerisms and behavior. I have seen and felt the contrasting beauty and cruelty of our natural world expressed through humans. When I make art, I feel this yin and yang of life rushing through my hands, working quickly to form fabric over a posed live model, applying dramatic color, movement and brushwork, combining moods of light and dark. Through my work, I strive to lift myself and others out of conflict into a spirit of peace and joy.