After receiving my BFA from Colorado State University, under the tutelage of internationally renowned poster designers Phil Risbeck and John Sorbie, I worked in the creative services industry directing and collaborating with graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and writers. In 2003, I left the commercial realm to dedicate myself to creating fine art. My initial 3D art incorporated clothing into figurative art and led to innumerous private commissions and charitable work, including participation by Ellen DeGeneres and Josh Blue. Recently, my curious and inventive nature led me to conceive and formulate a new art form I call “Sculpture Paintings.” This is my first venture into creating art for galleries and exhibitions. My work is currently displayed at Colorado Ballet.

Artist Statement

Exploring our winding backyard creek and my grandparents’ farm, my childhood was immersed in nature’s colors, textures, moods, and creatures. Living close to nature instilled in me an acute awareness of my surroundings and fellow beings. I have witnessed our planet’s beauty and harshness expressed through humankind. I also sense this yin and yang of life rushing through my hands while working quickly and intuitively to form fabric over a posed model–or to apply dramatic color and brushwork in moods of light and dark. Through my art, I strive to lift ourselves out of conflict into a spirit of peace and joy.


2018     Ongoing Exhibit, Colorado Ballet Armstrong Center for Dance

Member, National Sculpture Society