After receiving my BFA from Colorado State University, under the tutelage of internationally renowned illustrators and poster designers, Phil Risbeck and John Sorbie, I worked in the creative services industry directing and collaborating with designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and production teams.

In 2003, I left the commercial realm to dedicate myself to creating fine art. My initial 3D Keepsake Art incorporated clothing into figurative art and led to innumerous private commissions and charitable work, including participation by national celebrities. I also co-founded BereavementArtists.com, a free directory of like-minded artists serving families in grief.

Recently, my curious and inventive nature led me to conceive and formulate my new art form I call “Sculptural Paintings.” This is my first venture into creating art for public exhibition. My work is currently displayed at Colorado Ballet’s Armstrong Center for Dance. Upcoming shows are listed below.

Artist Statement

Making art has always been essential to me. I need to create with my hands, to be immersed in an artwork, to innovate, and to share universal feelings beyond what words can express.

As a child, my artistry was fed by daily exploration of an endless winding creek, from behind our home into adjacent woods and farms. Living so close to nature impressed in me a myriad of changing colors, textures, moods and creatures. It instilled an everlasting sense of wonder, adventure and appreciation of beauty. As did my extended family of educators who also fostered a love for learning, and a desire to fulfill the unique potential of my artistic gift.

Besides incessant exploring, drawing, and painting, I was also becoming the best football player in our boy-filled neighborhood. Out of concern, my mother enrolled me at a local dance school run by two former (London) Royale Ballet members. They came to our area to introduce art and culture by teaching ballet, modern, tap, jazz, Spanish and Eastern Indian dance. I was immediately attracted by the athleticism, concentration, perfection and expression required by dance. Dance also instructed me in spatial relation, line, shape, tempo, and flow formed by figurative movement.

In college, I pursued graphic design and illustration as a logical way to secure a career in art. From these disciplines I learned how to communicate visually, conceptually and work with clients. I enjoyed core art classes such as Art History, Sculpture, and Printmaking which provided a strong foundation for me to continue developing my fine art.

Today, observing people, taking in the sky, and seeing other artists’ creations inspire me more so than popular culture. While I’m creating, my everyday thinking turns off. Intuition takes over. The oneness of fabric and figure, the powerful movement of dance, and the yin and yang of our existence – all rush through my hands as I work quickly to form a sculpture and brush on dramatic color in moods of light and dark. Through my art, I strive to lift ourselves out of conflict into a spirit of peace and joy.

CVS – Artist Resume

BFA Colorado State University–emphasis graphic design and illustration

pre-2003    Graphic designer, illustrator, art director and creative director, co-owned a multi-media creative services company

2003-2017    Created numerous portraits and Keepsake Art commissions for clients in front range Colorado, Vail, Chicago, and Florida. Founded Bereavement Artists.com

August, 2018   Special Event, Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities

September 2018   Featured Artwork, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Website

November/December 2018 issue   Today’s Masters: Go Figure, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine


2018/2019   Ongoing Exhibit, Colorado Ballet Armstrong Center for Dance

January 17–March 31 2019  Art of the State,  Arvada Center Galleries

January–February 2019   Colorado Ballet Art at Park Meadows Mall

April–June, 2019     St. Julien Hotel & Spa Gallery, Boulder, CO

May 1–June 30, 2019   Robert Anderson Gallery, Denver, CO – painted prints of photographed Sculptural Paintings

TBA   July 26–August 11, 2019   Special Event, Vail, CO


National Sculpture Society

FOPAS–Denver Art Museum

RedLine Contemporary Art Center

Women’s Caucus for Art